Urtica / Nettles, Sesto San Giovanni, 2012.


These photographs document a garden of nettles grown from March through June  on the terrace of my Milanese residence.

Thanks to all who helped me gather this massive amount of nettles.

Urtica Pepe / Isola Pepe Verde, 2015.

Coltivando l'utopia (2015), curated by Bert Theis.


In 2015 I donated a small portion of this garden to Isola Pepe Verde (a self-organized social-art center and shared garden) for its birthday. The adjacent area of the community park turned into a building site with the city planning scheme. Isola Pepe Verde is therefore committed to save the neighbouring green space from being converted into a parking lot by occupying it. Urtica is part of a group of "fight-specific" installations.