Interior Matter  (2017) performance in collaboration with Caroline Dahlberg shown at  The Sounds of Crickets  curated by Gabby Burbano @Sedgwick Studio Chicago, IL

Interior Matter (2017) performance in collaboration with Caroline Dahlberg shown at The Sounds of Crickets curated by Gabby Burbano @Sedgwick Studio Chicago, IL

Our poem refers to phenomena such as bioluminescence and mimicry as forms of communication (self-defense) adopted by sea creatures. This performance includes gestures, readings, and an exploration of various materials. We pour liquids when talking about bleeding and leaking corpses. A soft body is trapped in a red shoe and we take a handful of water jelly crystals, hold it out, in case anyone wants it.


When floating in a body of water, it helps to think about density
When your lungs fill with air, they become bubbles that keep you close to the surface.
Keeping the 65% of water in your body from being pulled under
by its common material
to get lost in another body
[While you are floating] Imagine yourself wanting to be close to a lover by the lips
the surface that you float on is a kissing point
with your feet dangling down like tongues to investigate what is underneath
feeling for a moment of contact

The Ability To Flow 
And become transparent 
you advanced invertebrate
never meet a hard surface
through a world without walls
nearly incomprehensibly fluid that
conforms to the shape of
its container but retains a
(nearly) constant volume independent of pressure.
the only state with a definite
volume but no fixed shape.
The distinction between 
solids and fluids
is not entirely obvious.

Interior matter,
Breaching tension on the surface.
Containment that is soft and bends with the tip of your finger pressing
That makes the shape
The way you pass through a mist, the atmosphere shapes around
Your bodily container
Pushing a finger more deeply
The fabric of the container gets caught on the nail and a small hole is produced
Which causes a leak
Holes of the skin are made similarly
With the pores breached by pressing water molecules
skin like a net
Humidity breaching inward and outward,
Intimate with the bodies in a hot room and absorb and breach liquid, which passes through the tunnels of the air
[skin absorbs and extrudes]
Making love in the thin air

Iron begins as a cold gray and copper as an orange, when they oxidize their
Colors go past each other, the iron becomes red and the copper a blue.
A chromatic exchange
How one might walk past the shell of a
Horseshoe crab on the beach
Reach down to touch it and the sharp spine pokes a hole in the skin of the finger
Extracting red
Bringing it out into oxidizing air
Iron based
Above the surface

In exchange for the extraction of the horseshoe crab’s interior blue fluid
Tinted by copper

the midnight zone
from near the coast to the open ocean
you produce light through a chemical
reaction in your glowing abdomen.
to attract
to confuse
Because light
travels differently underwater
longer wavelengths can't travel as far. 
shorter wavelengths
red light